Plumosum percristatum Dougdale

Cultivar nameCultivar groupSpeciesSynonymsDescriptionCultivation notesSource
Plumosum percristatum DougdalePlumoseAthyrium filix-feminaOriginally found growing wild in Cumbria, probably during the fern craze and handed down from one generation to the next, until for a reason not known, it was given away.
A gentleman and keen fern grower, by the name of Les Dugdale lived in Cartmel, Cumbria and kept the butchers shop on the high street of Grange over Sands. One day a man walked in to Les’s shop and said 'I believe you are interested in ferns', Les told him he was and the unknown man handed over an un-named plumose, percristate Athyrium.
Les planted it by the side of his front door where it grew for many years and was admired by all who saw it. Towards the end of his life, Les became quite ill and the fern was given away. As far as is known, it resembles no other percristate plumose lady fern from the past, so I name it after my old friend Les.
Generally as for species. Will grow in most soils but prefers acid conditions; as someone says in good 'woodland duff'. Also best in light shade but will tolerate some sun in the morning and evening, or more if in damp conditions. Protect from strong winds which would damage the fronds.Ian Unsworth
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