Prichardii cristatum

Cultivar nameCultivar groupSpeciesSynonymsDescriptionCultivation notesSource
Prichardii cristatumCruciateAthyrium filix-feminaBred by Abraham Stansfield in 1865, “being very desirous of obtaining a crested form of Pritchardii". He mixed the spore of A.f.f. Prichardii with those from a crested form, it is one of the earliest Athyrium hybrids. Not sure if this is the original clone however, it does bear a striking resemblance to the image in Jones’s ‘Nature prints’.Generally as for species. Will grow in most soils but prefers acid conditions; as someone says in good 'woodland duff'. Also best in light shade but will tolerate some sun in the morning and evening, or more if in damp conditions. Protect from strong winds which would damage the fronds.Ian Unsworth
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