Ferns in Members’ Gardens

Ferns in Members’ gardens is a special project of the British Pteridological Society. One the aims is to gather information about which ferns are or can be grown in the various conditions around the UK to get better ideas about their hardiness (see also the Hardy Ferns section). Another is to help with naming – many ferns are grown under different names and this should help growers to keep up to date with name changes. Yet another is to help sort out difficult or ambiguous taxa – in some cases ferns are grown or sold under incorrect names and we hope to sort out some of these problems.

Contributing your own list is easy. Just contact Roger Golding. We can also give you access to edit your own lists and information once they are uploaded.
If you want to start, you can download this Excel file to use as a template and then email it back to us.
If you already have a list at home, you can just email it to us. We can probably cope with any format.
If you have already done a list and it is on this site, we can download it and send it to you so that you can amend it and send it back to us.

Where are they?
List of gardens

What ferns are we growing?
Composite list of all the ferns

What do the codes mean?
Codes used in the lists

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