Ken Trewren

Location: North Yorkshire
Country: England
Telephone: 01947 895253
Hardiness Zone: 8a
Average Yearly Rainfall: 741-870mm approx
Can be contacted by members? yes
Access Arrangements: telephone Kate Trewren to arrange visit

What the codes mean

This list is compiled from Ken’s notes of the plants he collected and grew over a period of many years, transcribed by Alison Evans, who along with Mary Gibby has also checked many of the ferns against the list. It has not yet been possible to check all of them; however all these are currently thought to be extant. Roger Golding has edited the list for presentation here. There have been some name changes during this time, not all of which are reflected in Ken’s notes, and these been updated where possible. In doing so some errors or misapprehensions may have crept in, for which RG takes full responsibility. Most of Ken’s notes have been included verbatim, with some additional notes in square brackets for clarification purposes. Ken gave provisional names to many forms of the Dryopteris affinis group to distinguish them; some of these have since been given formal status at one level or another; there are many others whose taxonomic status remains to be clarified. This collection forms an invaluable reference for students of the group.

The garden is laid out in four main sections with each plant assigned a number. These are referenced in the final column as follows:

A: Main Fern Bed; B: Main Fern Bed, Rear Portion; C: Wood Collection; D: Embankment Fern Bed.

Genus Species Subspecies Variety Group Cultivar Notes Ken's list no.
Adiantumsp.pedatum - crossed outD66 or D66a
Aspleniumscolopendrium'Crispum Bolton's Nobile'D86
Asplenium scolopendrium'Cristatum'Ex Poet's Cottage NurseryB10
AspleniumscolopendriumCristatum groupD80
Aspleniumscolopendrium'Kayes's Variety'(poss. 'Kaye's Lacerated' or 'Kaye's Superb'?]D44
Aspleniumscolopendriumcrested formD46
Aspleniumscolopendriumwith some crestingB8
Aspleniumscolopendriumwith some cresting. Rough Close WoodB19
Asplenium scolopendriumwith bifurcated frondsB16
Athyriumdistentifoliumflexilex2A2 + A3
Athyriumfilix-femina'Cristata densum'A5
Athyriumfilix-femina'Plumosum Axminster'x2A53 + B9
Athyriumfilix-femina'Plumosum Percristatum'D79
Athyriumfilix-femina'Vernoniae'x2A55 + B42
Athyriumfilix-femina'Victoriae'x2A54 + B41
DryopterisaffinisStoupe Beck No 160D12
Dryopterisaffinisex Glengariff, Ireland 11/6/03B19a
DryopterisaffinisDark scaled type. Allison Head Wood. No 170D2
DryopterisaffinisThe Torr (Schistose) Lochranza, 7/9/96C2
Dryopterisaffinis ?Prominent basal pinnules. Roadside verge, Brandon Co. Kerry 6/6/03C17
DryopterisaffinisType with thin stipes and dark scales. E. Arnecliffe WoodB32
DryopterisaffinisType with large well-toothed pinnae. Brandons, Ireland 6/6/03B15 or B15a
DryopterisaffinisType with borreri-like pinnules. Hollygrove Wood, Coombe Valley, CornwallD111
Dryopterisaffinis'Torc 1'Ex first above Torc Waterfall, Ireland, 10/6/03. B23
Dryopterisaffinis or borreri?'Torc 2'Ex above Torc Waterfall, Ireland, 11/6/03B29
Dryopterisaffinis or borreri?Scales and stipes affinis but not v. glossy and sori borreri. Ex- Boulby Mire Wood. D95
Dryopterisaffinis group'Torc 3'D47
DryopterisaffinispaleaceolobataBlack Griff. (listed as morphotype paleaco-lobata]B17
DryopterisaffinispaleaceolobataLate developing type. Armboth, ThirlmereD33
Dryopterisaffinispaleaceolobataex Havern BeckD96
Griff. (Listed as 'Dryopteris borreri golden-scaled type or
'Insolens'?'; however on Chromosome database listed as diploid,
originally thought to be D x complexa nssp contorta; on spore
measurement list described as paleaceolobata]
DryopterisaffinispunctataEx type locality Switzerland. Canton Zurich nr. Hutten, Hohronen Mt Brand forestD100
Dryopterisaffinis groupmorphotype 'Argyll'(some sort of hybrid - spores bad). Glaisdale Head Crags. Grown from sporesB40
Dryopterisaffinis groupmorphotype 'Arnecliff'No 117. East Arnecliff WoodB33
Dryopterisaffinismorphotype 'Convexa'ex Moel-yr-Ogof. (May be raised to variety or subspecies level of D. affinis in future]B30a
Dryopterisaffinis groupmorphotype 'Back Wood'Back WoodD30
Dryopterisaffinis groupmorphotype 'Cote Banks Wood'No 139B34
Dryopterisaffinis groupmorphotype 'Hutton'Danby Dale HeadB38b
Dryopterisaffinis group (borreri or cambrensis)morphotype 'Mulgrave'TriploidB24
Dryopterisaffinis group (borreri or cambrensis?)morphotype Mulgrave?Ex Jackdaw Griff. Thought to be possible hybrid between morphotype Mulgrave and D. filix-mas but spores mostly goodA45
Dryopterisaffinis groupmorphotype ?Waterpale Slack, Newton Dale? (Labels lost) x2D15 + D17
Dryopterisaffinis'Glendean'?(= subsp. kerryensis?)D38
Dryopterisaffinis group'Langfieder'Switzerland, 3.5km N. of MiscoccoD108
Dryopterisaffinis'Wallichioides'ex Glengarriff, collected 2003. Diploid.B28
Dryopteris affinis'Angustata cristata'D60
Dryopterisaffinis'Crispa Cristata'Ex Jack BouckleyA15
Dryopteris affinisCristata groupFrom The Hermitage near Falling FossD26
Dryopterisaffinis'Cristata'D7 + D8(?)
Dryopterisx ambrosiaeEx Knock Ore Gill, plant 5. Spores abortiveA37
Dryopterisx ambrosiaeFrom group below main track, E. ArnecliffeB7
Dryopterisx ambrosiaeEast Arnecliffe Wood. No 7B13 or B3
Dryopterisx ambrosiae?Ex Loch na ChoireMhor. Aug 97. Spores dehisced 2000A25
Dryopteris borreriBlack midrib type. Carr WoodB14
Dryopteris borreriGolden-scaled type. East Arnecliffe WoodB15 or B15a + D16
DryopterisborreriGolden-scaled type. Salen, ScotlandD29
type. Ex Artist's Valley nr Furnace, mid-Wales. borreri type with
golden scales. Pinnae rather glossy. Pinnules prominently
square-truncate with basal pinnule larger than rest. Stipes slender with
fairly sparse golden scales.
'Insolens' type. Ex Afon Lluestgota, mid-Wales. D. borreri morphotype
insolens? Golden-scaled type from 20m from D36. Yellow-green pinnae.
Stipes moderately robust with mod, dense golden scales. Pinnules with
rectangular teeth well up frond and along pinna, just overlapping.
DryopterisborreriExtreme form. Ox Pasture Wood. No 165D25
Dryopterisborreri ?DarnholmeB31
Dryopterisborreri ?Or D. cambrensis ssp. pseudocomplexa look-alike. From E. shore of L. ConistonD20
Dryopterisborreri or D. x critica?(Carbis Bay 1). Carbis Bay, CornwallD110
Dryopterisborreri ?Or D. cambrensis subsp. pseudocomplexa? (Carbis Bay 2). Carbis Bay, CornwallD109
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Borreri 179'?No. 80. Combs WoodB20
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Borreri 180'East Arnecliff Wood. No 180D27
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Borreri 180'Same as no. D27? Riccal DaleD34
Dryopterisborreri'Egton 129'ex Beast CliffD18
Dryopterisborreri'Foliosum'?(D x complexa nssp contorta - all crossed out) Danby Dale HeadC14
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Insolens'?Same as no. D21? (see under D x complexa nssp. critica] Riccal DaleD35
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Insolens' ?Golden
scaled type ex Artist's Valley. Nr Furnace, mid-Wales. Similar to D91
but less glossy, pinnules less markedly toothed and just touching to
Dryopterisborreri'Revolvens'(listed as D.affinis 'Revolvens']D82
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Robusta'Northfield SlackB22
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Robusta'?Deeply toothed type. Near Flask Inn. No. 166D1
Dryopterisborrerimorphotype 'Robusta'Hob Holes. No 158. Spores 50:50. (Triploid therefore borreri)D13
Dryopterisborreriforma robustaRavine 300m south of Clach 'a' chath, Arran 29/9/96C5
Dryopterisborreriforma robustaLabel
says 'Dryopteris borreri agg. (Not ssp borreri robusta or cambrensis)'.
Roadside Ballymeanoch (bridge?) 100m west of south side of road. 8/8/99
Dryopterisborreri'Robusta'From spores ex BPSD99
Dryopterisborreri'Robusta'from type locality Switzerland, Canton Zurich, Nr Hutten, Hohronen Mt., Brand forestD107
Dryopterisborreri'Torc 4'ex above Torc waterfall, Co. KerryD102
DryopteriscambrensisEast Arnecliffe WoodD14
Dryopteriscambrensisex Havern Beck. x2D24 + D97
Dryopteriscambrensisex Furnace, mid-Wales. (typical scales deep cinnamon, stipes brown below nearly to tip of rachis.)D92
Dryopteriscambrensiscambrensis flat type? Cock of ArranC8
cambrensis var paleaceocrispa) The Torr (Schistose) 250m Mountain ledge
9/96. (Is it dwarf? Of subrica (insubrica?]).
Dryopteriscambrensis(Dryopteris cambrensis var paleaceocrispa) Torr nan Gobhar, Rock Ledge, fairly base rich. Altitude 170m. 4/10/96C13
DryopteriscambrensisinsubricaFrom French Alps via Prof. Reichstein (Basel) via Gunther Zenner. 15/9/1994. Brought to Arran 8/99C3
DryopteriscambrensisinsubricaFrom spores ex BPSC4
DryopteriscambrensispseudocomplexaArran 9/96C7
Dryopteriscambrensispseudocomplexa ?Dying back v. early in Autumn. Cock of ArranC10
D. cambrensis subsp. cambrensis x D. filix-mas = D. x convoluta nssp.
occidentalis. Listed as 'D. cambrensis subsp. pseudocomplexa or var
paleaceocrispa x D. filix-mas?'. However, on cytology database listed as
'x convoluta? subsp. inconspicua?' = D. cambrensis subsp.
pseudocomplexa x filix-mas]. Cock of Arran
DryopteriscarthusianaEston HillsB4
Dryopterisx complexa ?Problematical. Origin on Arran unknown growing beside fence in Tony Church's gardenC15a
Dryopterisx complexa ?Problematical. Dippin Cliffs: Gully at Fort on Arran. 4/9/96C18
Dryopterisx complexanssp. complexaMulgrave Woods. Spores abortive.B3 or B13
Dryopterisx complexanssp. complexaRavenscar 1C19
Dryopterisx complexanssp. complexaOxbank Wood. No 167. Spores badD4
Dryopterisx complexanssp. complexaOr D. cambrensis? Arran 8/99C1
Dryopterisx complexanssp. contorta(Or D. cambrensis? Listed as 'Dryopteris x complexa paleaceolobata x filix-mas or cambrensis?') Triploid. Black Griff.D7a
Dryopterisx complexanssp. contorta ?Or D. borreri morphotype 'Insolens'. Triploid. Black Griff.D31(?)
Dryopterisx complexa'Stableri (crisped)'A30
Dryopterisx convoluta ?Cnoc na Dail, Arran, (On spore measurement list described as x protocambrensis (nb unpublished name; =D. affinis x D. oreades])C11
Dryopterisx convolutanssp. inconspicuaEx Arran, origin unknown. Plant by fence in Tony Church's gardenD105
Dryopterisx convoluta ?nssp. occidentalis?Ex Mid-Wales. Afon Lluestgotae. (Listed as 'D. x complexa? ?occidentale')D36
Dryopterisx criticaBorrowby Dale. No. 172. Spores about 60% abortiveD21
Dryopterisx criticaEx SinningtonD101
Dryopterisx deweveriEast Arnecliff Wood. No 6. Confirmed by chromosome count.B2
Dryopteris dilatataA27
DryopterisdilatataSelf-sown in garden, moved to woodB5
Dryopterisdilatata'Crispa Whiteside'D55
Dryopterisdilatata'Grandiceps'Ex Poet's Cottage NurseryB11
Dryopterisdilatata'Lepidota Cristata'D63
DryopterisexpansaEx ThirlmereA41
DryopterisexpansaEx Knock Ore Gill, plant 2A40
DryopterisexpansaEx Knock Ore Gill, plant 3. Thought to be D x ambroseae but spores goodA39
Dryopterisfilix-masCock Mill WoodB27 (removed?]
Dryopteris filix-masCristata groupEx Bolton collectionA31
Dryopterisfilix-mas'Fluctuosa Cristata'D53
Dryopterisfilix-mas'Linearis group'x2D23 + D67
Dryopterisx ogwenensisD. oreades x D. borreri. Ex Clive Jermy. Tetraploid hybrid.D103
DryopterisoreadesAbove bridge, Armboth. DiploidA20
DryopterisoreadesEx Armboth, Thirlmere. Thought to be possible hybrid but diploidA46
DryopterisoreadesEx Armboth, Thirlmere, below bridge 1. Thought to be hybrid with D. affinis but spores goodA43
DryopterisoreadesEx Armboth, Thirlmere, by roadside. Thought to be D x mantoniae but spores goodA44
Dryopterisx protocambrensis?(nb provisional unpublished name] listed as 'D. oreades x D. affinis?' Ex ArrocharD106
DryopterispseudodisjunctaEx Switzerland. 27/8/93. From Gunther Zenner.C9
DryopteriswallichianaEx nursery, source unknownC15
Polypodiuminterjectum'Bifido-cristatum'(also listed as Polypodium x mantoniae 'Bifido-cristatum']D90
Polypodiumx mantoniae'Cornubiense'?(listed as Polypodium cambricum 'Cornubiense'?]D85
PolystichumaculeatumCristatum groupEx Bridestones GriffD3
Polystichumx dyceiD84
Polystichumsetiferum'Congestum Grandiceps'D71
PolystichumsetiferumCristatum group'Ken Trewren'D64
Polystichumsetiferum'Densum'x2D41 + D76
Polystichum setiferum'Divisilobum'D42
Polystichum setiferum'Grandiceps'D50
Polystichum setiferum'Herrenhausen'D61
Polystichum setiferum'Plumoso-multilobum'D58
Polystichum setiferum'Plumosum group'A48
Polystichum setiferum'Rotundatum'B25
Polystichum setiferum'Tripinnatum'A29
Polystichumsetiferum'var 2'x2A47 + A49
PolystichumsetiferumVariety. Hutton WoodD28
PolystichumsetiferumFinely divided type. Carr Wood, GoathlandD39
Woodwardiafimbriatax2A52 + B37b
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