Roger Golding

Location: North Cumbria
Country: England

Hardiness Zone: 8-9
Average Rainfall: 800-1000mm
Can be contacted by members? yes
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What the codes mean

Table updated 15/02/2015

GenusSpecies Subspecies Variety Group Cultivar Common Name Location Notes
Adiantumaethiopicum CP
Adiantumaleuticum O has self-sown itself in nearby wall
Adiantumaleuticum 'Imbricatum' O
Adiantumaleuticum 'Subpumilum' O;C
Adiantumcapillus-veneris CP
Adiantumcaudatum I
Adiantumhispidulum I
Adiantumjaponicum OName change. Previously listed under A. aleuticum 'Japonicum'
Adiantumx mairisii O
Adiantumpedatum CP kept in protected area due to slugs, not temerature!
Adiantumpedatum 'Miss Sharples' O
Adiantumpoiretii CP
Adiantumraddianum I
Adiantumraddianum 'Fritz Luth' I
Adiantumraddianum 'Lisa' I
Adiantumraddianum 'Micropinnulum' I
Adiantumreniforme I
Adiantumvenustum O;C
Aglaomorphacoronans I
Arachniodesdavalliaeformis CP
Arachniodesrhomboidea C
Arachniodessimplicior I
Arachniodesstandishii O
Arachniodeswebbiana O
Araiostegiellaperdurens CAt least two different forms
Aspleniumadiantum-nigrum C
Aspleniumadiantum-nigrum silesiacum CP
Aspleniumantiguum I
Aspleniumaustralasicum I
Aspleniumbalearicum P
Aspleniumcuneifolium CP
Aspleniumkobayashi CP
Aspleniumlepidum P identity uncertain
Aspleniumx lucrosum P Asplenium bulbiferum of cultivation
Asplenium 'Maori Princess' I;P A bulbiferum x A. oblongifolium
Aspleniumoblongifolium I
Aspleniumobtusatum I
Aspleniumonopteris O;P
Aspleniumruta-muraria C
Aspleniumscolopendrium O;C
Aspleniumscolopendrium Crispum group O
Aspleniumscolopendrium 'Crispum Zeal's Dwarf' O
Aspleniumscolopendrium Cristatum group O
Aspleniumscolopendrium Fimbriatum group O
Aspleniumscolopendrium Crispum group 'Golden Queen' O
Aspleniumscolopendrium 'Kaye's Lacerate' O
Aspleniumscolopendrium Marginatum group O
Aspleniumscolopendrium Sagittato-cristatum group O
Aspleniumscolopendrium 'Sagittato-projectum Sclater' O
Aspleniumx staufferi O A. trichomanes subsp. quadrivalens x A. trichomanes subsp. pachyrachis (A. csiki)
Aspleniumtrichomanes quadrivalens O,C
Aspleniumtrichomanes quadrivalens Cristatum group C
Aspleniumtrichomanes quadrivalens 'Incisum' O
Aspleniumtrichomanes pachyrachis C
Aspleniumtrichomanes trichomanes C
Astrolepissinuata P
Athyriumdistentifolium O
Athyriumfilix-femina O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Clarissima Bevis Superbum' O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Corymbiferum' O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Dre's Dagger' O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Fieldiae' O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Frizelliae' O;C
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Frizelliae Cristatum' O
Athyriumfilix-femina‘Moulzie Burn’
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Plumosum Axminster' O
Athyriumfilix-femina Plumosum group O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Vernoniae Cristatum' O
Athyriumfilix-femina 'Victoriae' O Commercial clone
Athyriumfilix-femina angustum, forma rubellum 'Lady in Red' O
Athyriumfilix-femina cyclosorum C
Athyrium x 'Ghost' O
Athyriumniponicum pictum O
Athyriumniponicum 'Pewter Lace' O
Athyriumotophorum 'Okanum' C
Athyriumvidalii C Grown in container because slugs love it
Azollafiliculoides CP
Blechnumappendiculatum P
Blechnumchilense O
Blechnumdiscolor O
Blechnumfluviatile P
Blechnumgibbum I
Blechnumgibbum 'Silver Lady' I
Blechnumhastatum C
Blechnummagellanicum O
Blechnummicrophyllum O
Blechnummochaenum fernandezianum C
Blechnumnovae-zelandiae O
Blechnumnudum O
Blechnumoccidentale I
Blechnumpenna-marina O
Blechnumpenna-marina 'Cristatum' O
Blechnumpenna-marina alpinum C
Blechnumspicant O;C
Blechnumspicant‘Rickard’s Serrate’C
Blechnumspicant unnamed dwarf imbricate form CProvisional name: 'Baggins'
Blechnumtabulare P
Blechnumwattsii O
Cheilanthestomentosa CP
Cheilanthesviridis macrophylla CP
Coniogrammeemeiensis I Previously thought to be C. intermedia. Identified as C. emeiensis by Tim Pyner.
Coniogrammeintermedia I
Coniogrammejaponica CP
Cornopteriscrenulatoserrulata C Bought as Diplazium sibiricum. Identified as Cornopteris crenulatoserrulata by Tim Pyner. Grown in container because slugs love it
Cyatheaaustralis CP
Cyatheacooperi CP
Cyatheacooperi 'Highland Lace' CP generally known as Cyathea tomentosissima, but this name is incorrect
CyclosorusdentatusIpreviously listed as Christella dentata
Cyrtomiumcaryotideum O
Cyrtomiumcaryotideum x falcatum Oidentity not confirmed but probable
CyrtomiumdevexiscapulaeCsold under name Polystichum devexiscapulae
Cyrtomiumfalcatum O;CP
Cyrtomiumfortunei O
Cyrtomiumfortunei clivicola O
Cyrtomiummacrophyllum P
Cyrtomiumtukusicola P Previously listed as C. macrophyllum var. tukusicola
x CystocarpiumroskamianumC,P
Cystopterisbulbifera C
Cystopterisdiaphana O;CHas self-sown in decayed brickwork close to back door
Cystopterisdickieana O
Cystopterisfragilis O
Cystopterisfragilis OHimalayan form
Cystopterismontana CP
Cystopterismoupinensis Oor C. sudetica - identity uncertain
Davalliacanariensis I
Davalliadenticulata I
Davalliafejeensis I
Davalliagriffithiana I;P (D. tyermannii) NB: Hoshizaki + Moran separate griffithiana and tyermannii.
Two of my plants appear identical, one is slightly different, eg in
attachment of indusium and subtly in overall frond appearance, but both
fall within their overall definiton of griffithiana.
Davalliapyxidata CP
Davalliatasmanii CP;I
Davalliatrichomanoides I true form
Davalliatrichomanoides O;P(D. mariesii) NB: Hoshizaki + Moran separate trichomanoides, mariesii var mariesii and mariesii var stenolepis. My ferns appear to match mariesii var stenolepis.
DavalliatyermanniiISee note under D. griffithiana
Depariajaponica O
Depariapetersenii O
Dicksoniaantarctica O;P
Dicksoniafibrosa P
Dicksoniasellowiana P
Dicksoniasquarrosa P
Didymochlaenatruncatula I
Diplaziumaustrale CP
Doodiaaustralis O;C sold as D. media
Doodiasquarrosa I
Dryopterisaemula C
Dryopterisaffinis O
Dryopterisaffinis 'Cristata' O
Dryopterisaffinis 'Crispa Gracilis' O
Dryopterisaffinis 'Cristata Angustata' O
Dryopterisaffinis 'Cristata Grandiceps' Oidentity uncertain - currently looks more like form of filix-mas not affinis
Dryopterisaffinis 'Grandiceps Askew' O
Dryopterisaffinis 'Polydactyla Mapplebeck' O
Dryopterisaffinis kerryensis C
Dryopterisaffinis paleaceolobata O;C
Dryopterisardechensis O
Dryopterisx australis C
Dryopterisborreri O;C
Dryopterisborreri 'Revolvens' Oformerly listed under D. affinis
Dryopterisborreri robusta C
Dryopteriscambrensis O;C
Dryopteriscambrensisdistans C
Dryopteriscambrensis insubrica C
Dryopteriscambrensispseudocomplexa C
Dryopteriscarthusiana O
Dryopteriscaucasica O
Dryopterischampionii O,C
Dryopterisclintoniana O
Dryopterisx complexa C
Dryopterisx complexa 'Stableri (crisped)' C
Dryopterisx convoluta nssp. convoluta C
Dryopterisx convoluta nssp. occidentalis C
Dryopteriscrassirhizoma O
Dryopteriscrispifolia O
Dryopteriscristata C
Dryopterisx critica C
Dryopteriscycadina O
Dryopterisx deweveri C
Dryopterisdickinsii O
Dryopterisdilatata O
Dryopterisdilatata 'Lepidota Cristata' C
Dryopterisdilatata 'Jimmy Dyce' O
Dryopteriserythrosora O
Dryopteriserythrosora prolifica C
Dryopterisexpansa O;C
Dryopterisfilix-mas O
Dryopterisfilix-mas 'Barnesii' O
Dryopterisfilix-mas 'Crispa Cristata' O
Dryopterisfilix-mas‘Crispatissima’Oname uncertain
Dryopterisfilix-mas Cristata group O
Dryopterisfilix-mas 'Cristata Martindale' O
Dryopterisfilix-mas 'Linearis Polydactyla' O
Dryopterisfilix-masunnamed form with very pointed pinnulesCWild find, Scotland
Dryopterishondoensis O
Dryopterisindusiata O
Dryopteriskuratae O
Dryopterislacera O
Dryopteris'lacunosa'Name not yet generally accepted in Britain. May be a form of D. borreriC
Dryopterislepidopoda O
Dryopterisludoviciana Oidentity uncertain
Dryopterisludoviciana crested form Oidentity uncertain
Dryopterismarginalis O
Dryopterismindshelkensis O Syn. D. submontana
Dryopterismunchii O
Dryopterisnamegatae O
Dryopterisoreades O
Dryopterisx picoensis C
Dryopterispseudofilix-mas O
Dryopterispulcherrima C
Dryopterispycnopteroides O
Dryopterisremota O
Dryopterisx sarvelae O,C
Dryopterisschorapanensis CSyn. D. affinis subsp. persica
Dryopterisseperabilis O
Dryopterissichotensis C Identity uncertain. May be D. uniformis
Dryopterissieboldii O
Dryopterisstewartii O
Dryopteristokyoensis O
Dryopterisvaria Osold as D. labordei
Dryopterissp. "Coll Nepal PPG 090" O
Dryopteriswallichiana O
Equisetumarvense C
Equisetumx bowmannii C
Equisetumx dycei C
Equisetumx font-queri C
Equisetumfluviatile O
Equisetumhyemale C
Equisetumhyemale 'Bandit' C
Equisetumhyemale affine C
Equisetumhyemale japonicum C
Equisetumx litorale O;C
Equisetumx meridionale C
Equisetumx mildeanum C
Equisetumpratense O
Equisetumramosissimum C
Equisetumscirpoides O;C
Equisetumsylvaticum C
Equisetumx trachyodon C
Equisetumvariegatum C
Gymnocarpiumdryopteris O;C
Gymnocarpiumdryopteris 'Plumosum' C
Gymnocarpiumoyamense C
Gymnocarpiumrobertianum O
Histiopterisincisa P
Huperziaselago P
Hypolepisalpina C
Hypolepismillefolium C
Hypolepispolypodioides C
Lepisorusexcavatus I
Leptochilusdecurrens I
Leptolepianovae-zelandiae P
Leptopterisx intermedia P L. hymenophylloides x L. superba (identity uncertain)
Lophosoriaquadripinnata O;P
Lycopodiumannotinum P
Lycopodiumlagopus P
Marsileacrenata I
Marsileaquadrifolia O;P
Matteucciapennsylvanica O
Matteucciastruthiopteris O
Microlepiasubstrigosa P bought as Microlepia strigosa
Microlepiaspeluncae I
Microsorumpunctatum I
Microsorumpustulatum O;P;I
Neolepisorusfortunei I Syn. Microsorum fortunei
Nephrolepiscordifolia I
Nephrolepiscordifolia 'Duffii' I
Nephrolepisexaltata 'Marissa' I
Nephrolepispendula I
Niphidiumcrassifolium I
Odontosoriachinensis O
Onocleasensibilis O
Onychiumjaponicum O
Ophioglossumpetiolatum P
Ophioglossumvulgatum C
Oreopterislimbosperma O
Osmundaregalis O
Osmundaregalis 'Purpurascens' C
Paesiascaberula O
Paragymnopterismarantae CP
Parathelypterisbeddomei O;C
Pellaeafalcata O;I
Pellaearotundifolia O
Pentarhizidiumorientale O
Phegopterisconnectilis O;C
Phegopterisdecursive-pinnata O
Phegopterishexagonoptera C
Phlebodiumaureum 'Blue Star' I
Phlebodiumpseudoaureum I
Phlebodiumpseudoaureum 'Derry's Medium' I
PhlegmariurusphlegmariaISyns: Huperzia phlegmaria; Lycopodium phlegmaria
Pilulariaglobulifera O
Platyceriumbifurcatum I
Platyceriumgrande I
Polypodiumcambricum O;C
Polypodiumcambricum 'Cambricum Barrowii' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Cambricum Wilharris' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Conwy' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Grandiceps Fox' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Hornet' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Macrostachyon' O
Polypodiumcambricum‘Mrs. Marston’O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Omnilacerum Oxford' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Prestonii' O
Polypodiumcambricum Pulcherrimum group Obought as "Cambricum Oakleyae form 2"
Polypodiumcambricum 'Pulcherrimum Addison' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Pulchritudine' O
Polypodiumcambricum 'Richard Kayse' O
Polypodiumcambricum‘Semilacerum Falcatum O’Kelly’Polypodium
Polypodiumcambricum 'Whitley Giant' O
Polypodiumx coughliniiBifid formC
Polypodiumx font-queri C
Polypodiumformosanum I
Polypodiumglycyrrhiza‘Lawrence Crocker’C
Polypodiumglycyrrhiza 'Longicaudatum' O
Polypodiuminterjectum C
Polypodiuminterjectum 'var marinum' C unpublished name
Polypodiumx mantoniae O
Polypodiumx mantoniae 'Cornubiense' O
Polypodiumscouleri O
Polypodiumx shivasiae C
Polypodiumvulgare O;C
Polypodiumvulgare‘Cornubiense Grandiceps’C
Polypodiumvulgare 'Elegantissimum' O
Polypodiumvulgare‘Jean Taylor’C
Polypodiumvulgare 'Parsley' O
Polypodiumvulgare 'Trichomanoides Backhouse' C
Polystichumacrostichoides O
Polystichumaculeatum O
Polystichumaculeatum unnamed cultivar O
Polystichumbraunii C
Polystichumdracomontanum O identity uncertain
Polystichumx dycei O
Polystichumlonchitis C
Polystichumluctuosum O
Polystichummakinoi O
Polystichummayabarae O
Polystichummicrochlamys O
Polystichummunitum O
Polystichumneolobatum O
Polystichumpolyblepharum O
Polystichumproliferum O
Polystichumretrosopaleaceum O
Polystichumrigens O
Polystichumsetiferum O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Chardstock' O;C Martin Rickard's form of 'Hirondelle'
Polystichumsetiferum Revolvens group = 'Contorta' ? O
Polystichumsetiferum Cristatum group O
Polystichumsetiferum Cruciatum group O
Polystichumsetiferum Divisilobum group O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Divisilobum Wollaston' O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Goethe Farn' O
Polystichumsetiferum'Green Lace'O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Herrenhausen' O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Iveryanum' O Syn. P.s. 'Divisilobum Cristatum Ivery'
Polystichumsetiferum‘Leinthall Starkes’
Polystichumsetiferum Multilobum group O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Plumoso-divisilobum Baldwinii' O
Polystichumsetiferum‘Plumoso-divisilobum Bland’O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Plumoso-multilobum' O
Polystichumsetiferum Plumosum group O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Plumosum Bevis' O;C Syn. P.s. 'Pulcherrimum Bevis'. Commercial clone
Polystichumsetiferum 'Plumosum Densum' O
Polystichumsetiferum 'Plumosum Moly' O
Polystichumsetiferum‘Rotundatum Phillips’O
Polystichumsetigerum O
Polystichumtripteron P
Polystichumtsus-simense O
Polystichumvestitum O
Polystichumxiphophyllum O
Pseudophegopterislevingei O
Psilotumnudum I
Pteridiumaquilinum O Occurs naturally in my garden...
Pteridiumaquilinum pinetorum C
Pteridiumaquilinum pinetorum Osmunda-like form C
Pteridiumcaudatum CP
Pteriscretica CP
Pterisgallinopes CP,I
Pterismultifida CP
Pteristremula CP
Pterisumbrosa CP
Pteriswallichiana CP Another one beloved by slugs.
Pyrrosialingua I
Pyrrosiasheareri CP
Rumohraadiantiformis P typical form
Rumohraadiantiformis O robust, hardy form
Salviniamolesta I bought as S. natans
Selaginellabraunii CP
Selaginellaborealis C
Selaginellahelvetica CP
Selaginellakraussiana O;CP
Selaginellakraussiana 'Aurea' CP
Selaginellamartensii 'Jori' CP
Selaginellamoellendorffii P
Selaginellauncinata P
Tectariazeylanica I
Thelypteriskunthii P
Thelypterispalustris O
Todeabarbara P
Trichomanesspeciosum I
Woodwardiaareolata C
Woodwardiafimbriata O
Woodwardiaprolifera P Sold as W. orientalis
Woodwardiaradicans P
Woodwardiaunigemmata O
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