Specific notes for the 2019 spore list

Name changes in this list.

On the first occasion where a new name is used for a taxa, we are including the old name alongside for information. In particular in this list, we have updated some Cyathea to Sphaeropteris. Blechnums and Cheilanthes which changed last year have been noted again as the changes are extensive. As in recent years, any taxa previously within Blechnum will be supplied from 2018 donations only.

Last year we listed Myriopteris yatskievychiana (taxa no 2100). We have now been told that the plant from which these came should correctly be called M. aurea. Please make a note of this change if you have grown from these spores.

This year we have three taxa donated, for which the donors have given the following additional information.

Taxa no 1211 – Polystichum setiferum ‘Divisilobum. This variety is very full and looks close to P. setiferum ‘Baldwinii’.
Taxa no 2291 – Cyathea species. The plant looks like cross between C. cooperi & C. brownii and has been very quick to mature from spore.
Taxa no 2330 – Cyathea species (blue stipe). A beautiful species with a striking blue stipe.

Brian and Sue Dockerill

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