Specific notes for the 2021 spore list

Dryopteris dickinsii ‘Incisa’ (taxa no 734) has been updated to D. x yasuhikoana. For details please see the article by Bart Hendrikx (The Pteridologist 2020, Volume 7 Part 11, pages 52-53).

We once again have Marselia sporocarps donated.
They require rather different treatment from spores and a good account of this is given in ‘Fern Grower’s Manual’ (Barbara Joe Hoshizaki & Robbin C. Moran), Timber Press 2001, ISBN 0-88192-495-4, page 366.

This year we have four taxa donated, for which the donors have given the following additional information.
Taxa no 1247 – Polystichum setiferum Rotundatum Group. The plant these spores are taken from also has multilobum, brachiate and ramose features.
Taxa no 2291 – Cyathea species. The plant looks like cross between C. cooperi & C. brownii and has been very quick to mature from spore.
Taxa no 2330 – Cyathea species (blue stipe). A beautiful species with a striking blue stipe.
Taxa no 2350 – Polystichum species aff. makinoi. This plant resembles P. makinoi but has a bluish cast.

Brian and Sue Dockerill

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