Spore Exchange on-line ordering

Welcome to the BPS member’s spore exchange for 2020

All of the spores listed have been donated by members, without whose generosity the exchange could not exist. As always, we are extremely grateful for the contributions of this year’s donors:

Ashley Basil, Peter Blake, Mark Border, Matt Busby, Iain Clapham, Johan Eek, Peter Elcock, Alison Evans, Claus Fredemann, Anne-Marie Gaillard, Roger Golding, Dick Hayward, Michael Hayward, Patricia Howard, Rens Huibers, David Jones, Fiona Lanyon, Adrian Lopez Bernardo, Tomasz Mazur, Mark Morgan, Christine Mullins, Sue Olsen, Berndt Peters, Julian Reed, Martin Rickard, Kevin Robinson, Mark Supple, Rolf Thiemann, Charles Thompson, Margaretta Thorssell, Peter Tindley, Jan-Willem Vos, Frank Wolpert, Dan Yansura, Alexander Zhyvoloup.

Thank you.

Notes – please read before ordering

You can find out information about items specific to this years list here.

For general notes about the spore exchange, including instructions for members from the United States, please click here.

How to order on-line

You can select up to 20 first choices. As some taxa are in very short supply you should also specify some second choices which we will use as alternatives if your first selections are no longer available. You may include up to 15 of these.

After making your selections, you have the options to accept these choices, go back and amend them or clear all your selections and go back to the beginning.

If you have ordered too many items as either first or second choices, you will not be able to submit your order until it has been corrected. Donors may order up to an additional 10 taxa by placing a second order.

When you are happy with your order, you will be asked to give your name, e-mail and the address to which the spores should be sent. You will receive a copy of your order by e-mail for your records. If you do not receive this mail, please let us know so we can make sure we have your order. Remember to check your junk and spam folders first!

Using this system, you are able to perform Google searches on any item. Searches should be opened in a new tab to avoid losing the record of previous selections.

You can access this system here.

We hope the ordering pages are self explanatory, but if you have any problems, please e-mail us

Hoping you enjoy browsing the list and find spores that interest you.

Brian and Sue Dockerill

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