Hints on packing plants for shipment by post

Securing the Plant
For small plants (e.g. Sp0, Sp1), disturb the root system as little as possible, possibly leaving in the pot. For larger plants, remove loose soil and pack the roots in a moisture retaining substance (wet newspaper, paper towels, old dishcloths). Enclose the whole plant in a plastic bag to retain moisture and prevent the whole parcel becoming soggy in the post. With a larger plant, two plastic bags can be used – one to enclose the roots, retained by string or a rubber band at the base of the stipe, and then the whole plant can be inserted in the other.
Packing for Posting
By far the best method is to insert the plants into a box or tube (plants in padded envelopes tend to get squashed). Make sure the plants are secure by packing with expanded polystyrene chips or other soft material to prevent the root ball(s) moving too much, should this be necessary.
Posting Materials
A largish rigid tubular container or box can be posted as it is, suitably addressed. Insert smaller containers in a jiffy bag, securing the plants as appropriate (polystyrene, dry newspaper). Mark the package “Live Plants – Perishable”, and send first class. Enclose your address, e.g. as a compliments slip, and/or a letter/notes providing some cultural advice.
Very Large Plants
If the plant is too large to post, arrange for collection/delivery.

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