Fern Crib

Fern Crib

The Fern Crib comprises the Pteridophyte sections of the Plant Crib 1998, which was published by the BSBI in association with the BPS and the National Museum of Wales. The BPS is grateful to the BSBI for their cooperation in putting these sections on this web site.

Huperzia Polypodium

BSBI Plant Crib

Rich, T.C.G. & Jermy, A.C. 1998. Plant Crib 1998. Botanical Society of the British Isles, London.

"The Plant Crib is intended to help experienced Botanists identify some of the more difficult groups of plants in Britain & Ireland. It does not cover the critical taxa Rubus, Taraxacum and Hieracium in any detail, but it does include many species and hybrids more fully than you are likely to encounter elsehere.

As part of a process to update the Plant Crib, Tim Rich has digitised the original book and made it available here as a series of pdf downloads. It is intended that these accounts will be extended and improved over the next few years. You are welcome to download these accounts for personal use, but please note that they are still copyright and may not be printed and sold or used for commercial purposes without the permission of the authors."

from the BSBI Web Site.

Diphasiastrum Pteridium
Isoetes Asplenium
Equisetum Athyrium
Ophioglossum Cystopteris
Hymenophyllum Polystichum
Trichomanes Dryopteris

These notes are taken from the introduction to the ferns and allied plants in the original Plant Crib.
With Thanks to Anthony Pigott

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