History of the Fern Crib

Publication history
1. The original 1988 Fern Crib was originally published under the auspices of the Natural History Museum (London) and the British Pteridological Society. It was published at the same time as the BSBI Plant Crib (Rich & Rich 1988), but separate from it.
2. Clive Jermy provided the ferns for the combined ferns/vascular plants in the Plant Crib 1998 (Rich & Jermy 1998) which was published by the BSBI in association with the British Pteridological Society and National Museum Wales.
3. Clive Jermy and Tim Rich jointly edited the accounts for online edition on the BSBI website; attribution of the ferns should read British Pteridological Society in association with National Museum Wales.

The copyright/attribution of the text belongs to the individual authors or to Clive Jermy when not stated.
The copyright of the illustrations is currently unknown but may also belong to Clive Jermy and his co-authors.

Dr Tim Rich 17 April 2020

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