What do we need to identify a fern?

This would be the ideal set of pictures of a fern in order for us to identify it
This picture was taken using a scanner, which may not always be possible or appropriate
However, what we need to see is the whole frond and both sides of it.
The spores are held (often but not always!) on the underside of the frond in structures called sori. The sori are very helpful in identifying the species
You may have to send more than one picture, especially to show the detail of the sori
Remember to try to send us pictures that are in focus
You can include up to 4 pictures

Pictures should not exceed 1000 x 700 pixels and are best taken in landscape orientation
Your images should be less than 250K in size
See the section on images in the FAQs for more details
You can use this link to view your image in full size and re-size it, if necessary

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