On-line Recording

You can now record directly online onto satellite imagery or mapping, using Adrian Bicker’s excellent LivingRecord application. If you are recording pteridophytes in the UK, whether on a small or a large scale, we would strongly recommend you to sign up. If you sign-up on this page and you will be automatically be included in the British Pteridological Society team. Take a little time to read the online help and User Guide, and start to use this site, which is entirely free. We think you’ll enjoy it! It gives you a personal archive and lets you see your own recording history against other contributors. Any records you make will become available to the vice-county recorders for vetting, and will be incorporated into the county archive.

You can use Living Record effectively on a tablet (e.g. iPad) but only where there is a 3G signal. If you do this, you will be able to use the “GPS: you are here” link below the map to place a new location marker in your current position on the map.

Here are 2 links to training documents, although not specifically tailored to the BPS Team, they have a lot of information and help on how to get started

Click on this link to log in the Living Record

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