Focus Stacking

I have a Sony α6100 camera which I can control from my PC using Sony’s remote viewer software
With this software I can “tether” the camera and adjust the focus very accurately
This is my “rig”

It comprises a
single monitor stand
Pro 4 Way Macro Focusing Focus Rail Slider for Close-up Shooting with a DSLR Camera
Ring flash light
(I have added links to similar but not necessarily the same items as I bought)
(The ring light was designed to work on batteries but I found I could hard wire it to the mains via a USB power supply)
With this set up I can control the exact position of the camera in a stable situation

I take a series of pictures, changing the focus very slightly for each picture
This change of focus is done using Sony’s software on the PC and I do not have to touch the camera itself
Here is an example of the series:

I then combine these images using Picolay
This software can combine all theses images and produces this image, which is a combination of all the in-focus bits of the previous 22 images:

This image when looked at full pixel size will produce a picture like this:

and then if I sharpen the image using the Nik Collection plugin for Photoshop elements

The end result of this is not to get a greater magnification than the camera lense can achieve but to get a greater depth of focus than the camera can achieve on its own

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