Hardy Doodia species in the UK

One of the things that came out of the Fern Hardiness Project was that there is some scope for more than one name for a particular species
For example, there appears to be some confusion about Doodia species that are hardy in the UK
I have quite a few Doodias on my allotment that look somewhat similar
These are hardy in the sense that they although they can look a bit miserable in the winter, they survive each year and look quite handsome from Spring through to Autumn

In correspondence with Barbara Parris, she identified plants 1-6 as Doodia australis and plant 7 as Doodia aspera
Plants 1-6 were collected from either the Azores or Madeira and may have self-spored as well on the allotment
Plant 7 was labelled “DOODIA Rough Ruby” (sic) when I bought it from a plant sales outlet in the UK
Barbara Parris says:

Doodia australis, formerly known as D. media of horticulture, (the real D. media is a tropical Northeast Australian and New Guinea species that does not appear to be in cultivation). Some forms can have two rows of sori on each side of the costa when well-grown, from Southeast Australia and New Zealand. Several basal pairs of pinnae are stalked.

I now suspect that neither Doodia media nor Doodia caudata are hardy in the UK

See Flora of Australia page 389 (pdf page 416)
See Flora of Australia page 391 (pdf page 418)

I would be interested in anybody elses comments

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