Hidcote Fern

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Hi, I’m a gardener at Hidcote manor gardens and have been trying to identify this fern without success. It is growing in a shady corner at the base of some Rhododendrons though the soil is unlikely to be particularly acidic anymore. If anyone out there knows its name it would be most helpful, many thanks, Jo.

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One thought on “Hidcote Fern”

  1. This is a Woodwardia
    It is a bit young to say what species
    If it develops a bulbil or two on the end of the frond it could be W. unigemmata or W. radicans
    When it has ripe spores (sori), you can send us another picture like this one. You can also look at the 2 previous pictures on my site. W. unigemmata young fronds are often (but not always!) reddish. It is very rare for W. radicans to have reddish fronds but not unknown. W. radicans develops bigger bulbils in most of the UK (except parts of Cornwall) and is less frost hardy but will survive UK winters (at least here in the South). W. unigemmata fronds survive the winter with me
    You should also look at this excellent article by the late Tim Pyner

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