BPS 9th Meeting Bowness 1900

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The 9th annual meeting of the BPS was on August bank holiday 1900. It was held at ‘The Institute’ in Bowness and most members stayed at a local hotel. Papers were read at the meeting by Druery ‘The Growth of a Hobby’, and Whitwell ‘My own finds of British Varieties in the Lake District’.

There are fewer members on the photo than are listed as attending. I believe that those who stayed on went for a ramble the following day and that the photo is of them dressed up for their outing. The location is an old quarry that then formed part of the grounds of the hotel, possibly The Belsfield.

The original report is reprinted in Special publication 5. This photo is from a scan of the original in the archive

Full list of participants

C. T. DrueryLondonyes
W. H. PhillipsBelfastyes
J. GarnettBownessyes
J. A. WilsonBownessyes
W. MartinBownessyes
J. J. SmithiesManchesteryes
W. AldredManchesteryes
Joe EdwardsManchesterYes
W. B. BoydMelrose
Rev G. GunnKelsoyes
J. W. WaltonRichmond, Yorkshireyes
J. LoveladyHaslingdenyes
T. BoltonCarnforthyes
W. TroughtonPrestonyes
W. H. AtkinsonBatley
S. HudsonNelsonyes
R. HillLeek
J. GottKendalyes
J. WiperKendalyes
W. WilsonKendalyes
G. WhitwellKendalyes

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