Irish Fern ID Please

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Please can you help me identify this fern.
Given as a present from County Cavan in Ireland.
It is growing now in chalky soil in Hampshire. Still green in January.
The fronds are scally, up to 60cm long and quite hardy, though the pinnae are quite fine & delicate. No sign of any sori on the back.
thanks – Philip

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5 thoughts on “Irish Fern ID Please”

  1. This is Polystichum setiferum but I think that you may have two plants growing in together. One looks like an ordinary P setiferum whist the fronds at the front of the fourth photo are very finely divided, almost like a cultivar of P s Bevis, such as ‘Green Lace’.

  2. Dear Philip
    I think this is a micro propagated Polystichum setiferum ‘Pulcherrimum Bevis’ . It looks like there are 2 crowns one a more typical micro-propped Bevis the other a Gracillimum type very nice what a lucky man you are.

    1. P.S Green Lace is also a gracillimum as Peter is pointed out
      This happens with micro propagation
      take care Julian

  3. Thanks for the prompt reply, I’m very grateful as a beginner here.
    I’m keen to plant more British ferns and to understand what I’m planting.
    I’ll have a closer look again and see if this is 2 different plants.

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