3 thoughts on “Is this a form of Dryopteris Dilatata?”

  1. I agree with this identification but….have a look here and page forward
    These are a series of images of Dryopteris crispifolia, a fern that is endemic in the Azores. I have always been surprised by how much it resembles D. dilatata ‘Crispa Whitside’
    I do not know the history of the latter fern, whether it really is a cultivar of D. dilatata or whether an early explorer brought it back from the Azores and misidentified it
    Dryopteris crispifolia grows very well in my garden in Portsmouth and has fronds that are 3 feet long

  2. Thank you both for your suggestions. I’m somewhat embarrassed to note that I have a Crispa Whiteside residing just over a metre from the fern I requested info on. My Crispa Whiteside has only been in the garden for 18 months and is a much larger brighter plant, although looking at it this morning I can see that it is very similar. The far older (at least 10 years) fern is quite a lot darker and smaller. It also has several fronds that are short and multi branched. It is quite slow to get going in the spring but has three crowns all doing well but nothing longer than the frond I photographed.

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