Is this fern a Nephrolepis?

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I found this fern in a local garden centre amongst their “Hardy Ferns”. It was labelled “Varens”, which is I believe Dutch for Fern. The label stated that it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. I think it may well be Nephrolepis Exaltata ‘Green Lady’ which isn’t suitable for outdoors. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Is this fern a Nephrolepis?”

  1. It is a juvenile fern and has no spores. I think it is a Blechnum or even a Polypodium, dificult to say at this stage. If it grows from a crown, it is not a Polypodium. Polypodiums have think hairy rhizomes that grow just either under or level with the ground
    It is not Nephrolepis Exaltata ‘Green Lady’

  2. This isn’t a Nephrolepis. Although the pinnae in Nephrolepis can be very pressed against the rachis, they are actually stalked and not pinnatifid. This plant appears to have pinnatifid pinnae. Also, Nephrolepis species have a hairy rachis and this plant is smooth. I think that it is a young Blechnum, possibly B appendiculatum, but a bit more growth may make the diagnosis clearer.

  3. Ayou say this plant obviously came from a Dutch commercial grower and knowing them from my working career i think you will find it is a young Blechnium spicant (struthiopteris spicant) which is hardy but must have acid conditions and lime free water

    1. Thank you all for your thoughts regarding this Fern. I will observe over the next few years and see if it does grow up to be a Blechnum.

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