Is this fern Asplenium Scolopendrium ‘Angustifolia’ ?

F4-scaled-3.jpg F3-2-scaled-2.jpg F2-scaled-1.jpg F1-scaled-0.jpg

I rescued this fern from Morrison’s supermarket as I’ve seen too many of the plants they sell mistreated. I have an existing plant in my garden that I purchased as Asplenium Scolopendrium ‘Angustifolia’ and this rescue appears to be very similar. Would you agree? The label appears to be dutch.

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2 thoughts on “Is this fern Asplenium Scolopendrium ‘Angustifolia’ ?”

  1. This fern is a Asplenium scolopendrium ‘Angustifolium’ sporeling produce by the thousand in Holland and you often find nice things like this amongst them
    This is a nice forked tipped form so in the old days it would have been described as an Angustigolium Furkatum’

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