Killarney fern

The Yorkshire Fern Group of the BPS started their field season with a historic day out yesterday, near Bingley. Our intention was to check on the sporophyte of Killarney fern at the location first found by Dr Richardson in 1724, then not seen after 1785 until Jesse Tregale found new sporophyte fronds in 2011. This original colony is in good shape – and we were delighted to find 2 more colonies nearby. This area was thoroughly searched in 2012, without success, so these must be new sporophytes. We searched the rest of this area with no further finds, so decided to check on the woods by the stream lower down the hillside. We found another colony almost immediately, and then with mounting euphoria discovered several more colonies along the stream, bringing the overall total to 11 colonies! Whatever triggers the production of sporophytes must be operating well in West Yorkshire!

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