The Winning Photographs
Class 1:
Winner: Sonia Molino – Pteridium aquilinum (Hungry heart)
Runner-up: Waldemar Pierozynski – Drynaria sparsisora and rigidula
Runner-up: Jolanda Nel – Hypolepis sparsisora

Class 2:
Winner: Colin Adlam – Asplenium scolopendrium (Happy Heartstongue)
Runner-up: Paul Sharp – Athyrium otophorum
Runner-up: Jolanda Nel – Blechnum brasiliense crozier

Class 3:
Winner: Sue Olsen – Glass art studio
Runner-up: Sue Olsen – Wedding table
Runner-up: Jolanda Nel – Wheel cover
Runner-up: Sonia Molino – Fern in the jar

Photographer with the most accumulated votes: Sonia Molino

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