Notes for members attending meetings

Please Read These Notes Carefully

If you are attending a meeting, you will need to contact the meeting leader. The leader should make you aware of the Society’s Safety Code, Code of Conduct and Generic Risk Assessment. You should read or have read these carefully. Copies are in the Bulletin and on our website. At the start of a meeting you will be required to sign a form to confirm that you agree to abide by these codes. Early booking of accommodation is advisable. Unless accommodation has been prearranged, members should make their own arrangements, but in case of difficulty, please contact the leader.

Weekend and longer meetings normally begin with those attending having a get together on the evening proceeding the meeting proper but it may not always be possible for leaders to be present so try to make yourself known to other members.

Private cars are normally used during a field meeting. Arrangements may be possible to put people in need of lifts in touch with drivers with spaces.

Any plant collecting must be within the relevant conservation laws and the Society’s Code of Conduct.

Members attending meetings should be prepared for poor weather and muddy or rough conditions underfoot. Meetings will normally go ahead regardless of the conditions. Walking boots or Wellingtons plus waterproof clothing are often essential. Leaders will advise participants of any known unusually severe conditions that may be encountered.

Usually, you will need to bring a packed lunch, and the leader will advise if this is to be eaten in the field or back at the car park.

Remember that the BPS meetings are arranged for your benefit, so make the most of them. In particular, if you are a relatively new member, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The leader and other members will be very happy to explain things.

Important note for Minors
Minors (ie under 18 years) can only attend meetings if accompanied by their parent(s), Legal Guardian(s) or a BPS member acting in loco parentis. Further information can be obtained from the meeting leader or myself.

Bryan Smith
Meetings Secretary
February 2020

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