Proposed BPS fern tour to the Azores 2017

The Azores is an archipelago consisting of 9 islands of volcanic origins located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1300km west of Portugal. They are one of the most fern-rich areas in Europe. As well as many species that are common to western Europe here one can see ferns of Macaronesian affinity such as Culcita macrocarpa, Asplenium hemionitis and Elaphoglossum semicylindricum growing abundantly. There are several endemic or near endemics to be seen such as Dryopteris azorica, D. crispifolia, Asplenium azoricum, Huperzia dentata and H. suberecta. Ceradenia jungermannioides, Asplenium aethiopicum and Lycopodiella cernua are found in their only naturally occurring European localities. The Azores are also well known for the large number of naturalised species. Here one can see Cyathea species abundantly colonising forests, Doodia, Onychium and various Pteris species occur on roadsides whilst Diplazium esculentum and Pityrogramma calomelanos can be found near hot springs. There are also some spectacular gardens where a wide range of ferns can be seen. All this as well as some stunning scenery.

The BPS in considering a possible tour of the islands in April or May 2017. Spaces will be limited to 10-12. If you are interested in pre-registering for a tour please email us. There is no commitment at this stage but you would be included in further mailings.

You can see pictures of previous trips to Sao Miguel, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo

Leaders: Tim Pyner & Andrew Leonard

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Proposed BPS fern tour to the Azores 2017
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