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This page outlines the British Pteridological Society Privacy Policy and Lawful basis for processing personal data.

The British Pteridological Society (BPS) holds and processes a limited amount of personal data to establish and maintain membership and associated services (spore exchange, plant exchange, merchandise, reading circle, receiving publications, to manage regional and specialist groups and maintain scientific, plant and herbarium records), for people who are members or who have regular contact with it. We only share limited information with people and organisations necessary to carry out the Society’s activities for the duration of the membership.

In detail

Membership records are kept on a database on a password-protected personal computer, stored securely by the membership secretary. Personal information held includes members’ names, addresses, contact details, type of membership, GDPR consents, and payment history.

Data is used internally for management of the Society and membership services, including the spore and plant exchanges. Information is shared internally with local group organisers, the Bulletin editor, and the financial officers.

Limited data is shared externally with mailing houses for the purposes of publication distribution (Pteridologist, Journal, Bulletin and Autumn Mailing). The contact details of BPS members who pay for the American Fern Society (AFS) via the BPS are shared with officers of the AFS.

Selected data may be shared with the HMRC Inland Revenue as required for the purposes of reclaiming Gift Aid, or Charities Commission for the purposes of managing trustees.

The names, addresses, and email addresses of members who have given their consent are printed in a membership list, produced on a three-yearly basis, with updates as a supplement to the Bulletin each year. These printed lists are distributed to all members, and will not be published on the Internet.

Data may be transmitted electronically using internet based services (e.g. email and cloud based services), however we do not share your information with third party or other organisations.

If you have any queries or concerns about how your data is stored and used, please contact the General Secretary:
Mr David Hill
54 Grosvenor Avenue
Denbighshire LL18 4HB


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