More holly fern monitoring

The weather forecast for Friday was cold but dry, so six of us met in the car park south of Malham Tarn to re-visit the holly fern colony on limestone pavement nearby. Bruce was able to compare the records with a previous survey – of the 10 known plants, one had disappeared, but we discovered a new one, so there are still 10 plants at this site. Chris and Fred scoured the surrounding pavements but didn’t find any more plants. The monitoring team is now so efficient we had all the recording done by lunch time, so then we did a bit of sight-seeing, taking in the Polystichum x bicknellii growing on the pavement at the top of the cove, then walking back to the car park along the dramatic dry valley. Lots of Polypodiums here, but out of reach, and we didn’t have the famous Yorkshire extra-long snipping device!

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