A new fernery planned for Todmorden

Todmorden has a long history of fern growing – Abraham Stansfield had a nursery there and in 1858 produced ‘Stansfield’s Catalogue of Hardy Herbaceous and Alpine Plants, Ferns and Lycapods : grown at Vale Gardens, Todmorden.’ His grandson, Frederick Stansfield, was the first president of the BPS. It is really good news that the ‘Todmorden in Bloom’ group are going to plant a fernery in Patmos Garden, just opposite Todmorden College. There are already some ferns thriving in the garden, and the plan is to plant more in a shady part of the garden, creating a small stumpery.

After Jean, Sheila, and Pat showed me round the fernery site on Sunday, we visited the ‘hidden garden’ near the centre of town, where there is already a good collection of ferns. We braved the rain and icy wind – the ferns were looking remarkably good for the time of year!

Thank you to Sheila Greenwood for some of the photos.
I’m looking forward to seeing the fernery developments over the coming year!

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