News from Southport Fernery

Progress has continued at the Fernery, despite the difficulties caused by Covid and lock-down. Sandra and Gary have kept up the watering and weeding, and recently a broken-down planting pocket has been re-built, using lime mortar. Michael has added many more plants to the wall pockets, when regulations permitted him to return to the Fernery. The Cyatheas that were colliding with the roof have been removed, and new tree ferns have put on good growth. The park and BGCA were successful in their bid for the ‘Community Green Flag’ award, at the first attempt – very well done! The park remains open, and a new stumpery is being established not far from the Fernery. The Fernery was briefly open to the public in the Summer with a limit of six people inside at any one time. The doors at the north end have been repaired so that a one-way system can operate – the hope being that the Fernery will be able to open to the public again from Easter.

The Fernery is also home to flowering plants, with orchids, epiphyllums, Christmas cactus, clivias, and passion flowers to name a few. The established ferns are thriving too!

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One thought on “News from Southport Fernery”

  1. I think that you have achieved a miracle in the fernery! I do hope that we can visit in the spring. Congratulations to all of you who have worked so hard.

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