BPS Photographic Competition 2015

Many thanks for a very successful second BPS photographic competition. Following a late rush we had eight competitors who sent total of 44 fine ferny photographs. Entries were split into three classes: ferns in a natural landscape, cultivated ferns; and items with a fern theme. Attendees at the AGM were asked to vote for their favourite photograph in each class, and though there was a good broad distribution of votes among the pictures, and competitors, there were clear winners and runners up in each group.Class 1 – Ferns in a natural landscape
Sue Olsen
Polypodium glycyrrhiza
Polypodium glycyrrhiza Mile
Sue Dockerill
Equisetum telmateia
Gower, South Wales
April 2014
Class 2 – Cultivated Ferns in a house, greenhouse or garden
Paul Sharp
Davallia mariesii
Ascog Fernery, Isle of Bute
7 April 2015
Alison Evans
Polypodium cambricum
Springfield House, Earby
6th December 2014
Polypodium cambricum, taken in the garden of Springfield House, Earby, 6th December 2014
Class 3 – Item or object with a fern-related theme
Alison Evans
Fern carving on felled tree
Nymans Woods, Sussex
31st August 2014
Fern carving on felled tree, Nymans Woods, taken on 31st August 2014
Sue Olsen
Wall Hanging
Frond scan #2 May 2013
On overall votes over the three classes the winners were as follows.

Winner: Alison Evans
Runner-Up: Sue Olsen

Thank you to all the competitors and to the voters.

Roland Ennos

Adrian Dyer
Alison Evans
Bryan Smith
Grace Acock
Pat Acock
Paul Sharp
Sue Dockerill
Sue Olsen

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