Ophioglossum vulgatum in my polytunnel

About 20 years ago I was given a piece of turf about 12 x 6 x 6 inches containing (amongst other plants) Ophioglossum vulgatum
This turf was given to me by Nigel Brown from the land belonging to Bangor University
I planted it in my polytunnel at my allotment in Portsmouth
These plants have done very well and appear in April and do not disappear until late October
Many of my plants have curious sporangiferous spikes

You can find an interesting article here

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One thought on “Ophioglossum vulgatum in my polytunnel”

  1. Dear Andrew,
    I was fascinated to read that you have a colony of ophioglossum vulgatum in your polytunnel. Can you spare a specimen with a little root and spore spike to put in the post to me? I need to illustrate it for an academic paper, but much prefer to work from a live specimen. What would your price be for that?

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