Portuguese fern #1

Pguese-No1-1-1.jpg Pguese-No1-3-2.jpg Pguese-No1-4-0.jpg

Can I seek your help with the identification of two ferns frown from spore collected in deciduous woodland in the Serra da  Lousã hills of central Portugal in 2017?

Both  are growing well but have not yet produced spores.

Fern no. 1 looks very like Nephroleptis exaltata. I have found a paper from 2000 reporting it as naturalised in urban gardens in Porto. It is possible that I collected the spores there: I regret I was not at all organised in my collection! Fern no. 2 was definately collected from Serra da Lousã woods.

I attach images of fern no. 1 to this post.The largest fronds are currently c. 35cm. Note that in the image of the whole plant there is what I think is a stolon, spilling out of the front of the pot.

I will upload images of the 2nd fern in a subsequent post.

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  1. I think that N exaltata is likely if it is a known escapee in this region. It looks a bit too floppy for N cordifolia.

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