Portuguese fern # 2

Pguese-No2-4-3.jpg Pguese-No2-2-1.jpg Pguese-No2-3-2.jpg Pguese-No2-0.jpg

I attach images of the 2nd ern grown from spore collected in the Serra da Lousa hills in October 2017. Current frond length is c. 15cm.

It’s most notable (to me) features are the long terminal pinna, rather like that of Asplenium x ebenoides, fine toothing and parallel veins, one per tooth.

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3 thoughts on “Portuguese fern # 2”

  1. Pteris vitata is common and very likely. However, the pinnae are very symmetrical on either side of the costa (mid-rib). Usually, there is some asymmetry in the pinnae of P vitata. However, there are two forms, alpha and beta. Alpha has shorter, rounder pinnae than does beta and this plant may fit that. However, if you were in an area of escapees, then it is possible that this is the antipodean Asplenium oblongifolium, to which it has more similarity than it does to P vitata. If it spores, it will be very clear which it is. It isn’t A X ebenoides.

    1. Peter,
      Thanks. This one was definately collected in the Serra de Lousa woods, away from habitation, so unlikely to be an escapee.
      I’ll post again once [if] it spores

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