The Fern Gazette Volume 15 Part 7

Published 27 April 1999

Edited by J.M. Camus & J.A. Crabbe


Checklist of the Pteridophytes of the Mbaracayú Forest Nature Reserve, Paraguay
M.C. Peña-Chocarro, B. Jiménez, G. Marín & S. Knapp pg(s) 221-259
A checklist of the pteridophytes of the Mbaracayú Forest Nature Reserve, eastern Paraguay is presented. This is the first such detailed list for the area and includes 115 taxa in 22 families and 46 genera. Fifteen of these are new published records for Paraguay. Distribution details are provided, and a brief analysis of the phytogeography of the pteridophyte flora is presented. Habitat specialisation in the area is also discussed. Collections for the taxa in the checklist are cited.

New Philippine Goniophlebium (Polypodiaceae: Pteridophyta)
J.F. Barcelona & M.G. Price pg(s) 261-264
Mount Iraya of Batan Island is the highest point in the wind-swept Batanes Islands, located nearly equidistant from northern Luzon and southern Taiwan, which are about 350 km apart. A detailed floristic analysis of the pteridophytes of Mt Iraya was prepared by Barcelona (1994). Previously, seven fern taxa were described from type collections made on Mt Iraya or in the Batanes, namely Athyrium irayense Copel. [=Diplazium doederleinii (Luerss.) Makino], Cyathea fenicis Copel., Cyclosorus irayensis Copel. [=Sphaerostephanos irayensis (Copel.) Holtt.], Grammitis fenicis Copel., Lygodium mearnsii Copel. [=L. japonicum (Thunb.) Sw.], Pteris rigidula Copel. [=P. spinescens C. Presl], and Sphaerostephanos fenixii Holtt. [=S. irayensis (Copel.) Holtt.]. Two of these, G. fenicis and S. irayensis, are still recognized as endemic to Mt Iraya and Batan Island, and we are here adding a third:


Flora Mesoamericana Volume 1 Psilotaceae A Salviniaceae
M.C. Peña-Chocarro pg(s)259

Index Filicum Supplementum Septimum Pro Annis 1991-1995
B.S. Parris pg(s) 260
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