The Fern Gazette Volume 16 Part 4

Published 25th March 2001

Edited by J.M. Camus & J.A. Crabbe


Isoetes sinensis var. sinensis in Korea (Isoetaceae: Pteridophyta)
M. Takamiya pg(s) 169-170
Quillworts recently collected from a population on Cheju Island, South Korea, are tetraploid (2n = 44 = 22II) and have cristate megaspores and echinate microspores. Based on these characters, the specimens are identified as Isoetes sinensis var. sinensis, a globally rare taxon previously unreported in Korea. The apparently close taxonomic relationship between Korean I. sinensis var. sinensis and the basic diploid I. taiwanensis suggests that further phylogenetic investigation is warranted.

Cytology of some ferns from the Nilgiris, south India – IV
S.S. Bir & V. Irudayaraj pg(s) 177-190
Chromosomal analysis of eleven species (14 cytotypes) of ferns from the Nilgiris, south India has been made. All the species, except for Adiantum raddianum have been cytologically investigated for the first time from the Nilgiris. Microsorum membranaceum with n = 72 is a new cytotype for south India.
    Diploid (n = 57), tetraploid (n = 114) and octoploid (n = 228) sexual cytotypes are recorded for Adiantum raddianum from the Nilgiris. Additionally one sterile octoploid cytotype is also recorded. Colour variation of the sori in Trigonospora caudipinna has been observed for the first time and it has been compared with another cyto-morphotype for Kothayar Hills, south India. From 14 cytotypes of 11 species presently analysed, six cytotypes are diploids, four are tetraploids, two are octoploids, one is 16-ploid and another one is triploid apogamous. Sexual cytotypes account for 85.71% while the incidence of polyploidy amongst the recorded cytotypes is 42.86%.

New findings of pteridophytes from the mountain rainforests of São Tomé and Príncipe
E. Figueiredo pg(s) 191-193
New distribution data and habitat details on ten species of pteridophytes unrecorded in the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe for the last 40 to 100 years are presented.

New pteridophyte records from Sichuan, China and their geographical significance
H.-S. Kung & L.-B. Zhang pg(s) 195-199
Five pteridophytes, Huperzia dixitiana, Plagiogyria glauca, Leucostegia immersa, Woodsia manchuriensis and Cheiropleuria bicuspis, are reported here as new records for Sichuan, China.

Two new species and a new combination in Indian and Sri Lankan Grammitidaceae
B. S. Parris pg(s) 201-202
Ctenopteris perplexa and Grammitis austroindica are described as new species. The former is known from Sri Lanka and South India; the latter occurs only in South India. The new combination Micropolypodium sikkimense is also made.


F.J. Rumsey pg(s) 194,200


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