The Fern Gazette Volume 16 Part 5

Published 15 August 2002

Edited by A. C. Wardlaw & J. A. Crabbe


The genus Isoetes (Isoetaceae: Pteridophyta) in Mallorca, Balearic Islands
F.J. Rumsey, J.C. Vogel & P.J. Stafford pg(s) 205-208
The distribution and previously confused recording history of the genus Isoetes on Mallorca, Balearic Islands, is documented and clarified. Two species, I. duriei and I. histrix are confirmed as present.

Adiantum giganteum (Pteridaceae: Pteridophyta), a new maidenhair fern from Amazonia, Brazil
J. Prado pg(s) 209-212
Adiantum giganteum (Pteridaceae), a new species, is described from the states of Mato Grosso and Pará, Brazil. Long-creeping rhizomes, 2-pinnate fronds up to 2 m long, 6-10 pairs of lateral pinnae, and dimidiate incised pinnules are the most important features to distinguish this new species. Illustrations of the diagnostic characters of the taxon and a brief discussion about its group are provided.

Distribution and status of the pteridophytes of Faial Island, Azores (Portugal)
H. Schäfer pg(s) 213-237
In 1999, a dot grid mapping project based on the UTM 1 km² grid, was carried out on Faial Island, Azores (Portugal). Distribution maps of the 52 species of pteridophytes and two hybrids found on the island are presented. Diphasiastrum madeirense, Asplenium x ticinense and Nephrolepis cordifolia are reported from the island for the first time. The status of each taxon on Faial was determined by intensive study of habitat, general distribution and literature.

Notes on Grammitidaceae (Filicales) of Sri Lanka and the description of three new species
B. S. Parris pg(s) 239-244
Three new species of Grammitidaceae are described from Sri Lanka; they are Ctenopteris epaleata, Grammitis sledgei and Prosaptia ceylanica. Lectotypes are chosen for Polypodium mediale, P. moultonii, P. subfalcatum var. glabrum, P. thwaitesii, P. wallii, Trichomanes contiguum and Vittaria sulcata.

Polystichum x lesliei (P. munitum x P. setiferum) (Dryopteridaceae: Pteridophyta) described and a second site reported
P.J. Acock, F.J. Rumsey, R. Murphy & I. Bennallick pg(s) 245-251
The new hybrid Polystichum x lesliei (P. munitum x P. setiferum) is described, with field observations. It represents the first reported instance in the British Isles of a spontaneous hybrid between a naturalised alien and a native fern species. This sterile hybrid was known from a sunken lane-bank site in Surrey since 1995 and recently was found again in a similar place in Cornwall.


Pteridophyte Biogeography Symposium
J.M. Camus pg(s) 238
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