The Fern Gazette Volume 18 Part 8

Published 18th April 2011

Edited by M. Gibby & A. Leonard


A new genus for the fern flora of Iran: Cyrtomium
A. Gholipour & W. Greuter pg(s) 336-341
A stand of Cyrtomium fortunei was found by the first author in a natural habitat on the northern slope of the Elburs range in N Iran, Mazandaran Province, growing on sandstone rocks in the Hyrcanian forest. The whole context strongly suggests it to be indigenous there, but phytogeographically this would result in a huge, puzzling disjunction between the known native area in SE Asia and the newly discovered stand.
Two novel Asplenium hybrids (Aspleniaceae: Pteridophyta) from Tenerife, Canary Islands
F.J. Rumsey & A. Leonard pg(s) 342-350
A plant closely resembling Asplenium hemionitis L. but with more dissected, lobed fronds was discovered during a trip to the Anaga mountains, Tenerife, Canary Islands in 2009. This was found to show almost complete spore abortion, indicating a hybrid origin. From the associated species and frond form we suggest the other parent to be A. onopteris L. This represents the first documented hybrid of the rather taxonomically isolated A. hemionitis. The hybrid, A. × tagananaense, is described and its distinguishing features given. A further novel Asplenium hybrid, photographed in 1995 but not subsequently refound, is identified as that between A. onopteris and A. aureum Cav. In the absence of a specimen it is not formally described but its distinctive features are illustrated and its occurrence reported.
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