The Fern Gazette Volume 19 Part 3

Published 9th January 2013

Edited by M. Gibby & A. Leonard


Announcing a new feature – Fern Gazette reviews pg(s)65


Recent developments in ex situ and in situ conservation of ferns
A. M. Ibars & E. Estrelles pg(s)67-86
Some members of the monilophytes, an ancient plant group with worldwide distribution, show significant population decline which is frequently correlated with the vulnerability of their habitat. Many species are today under some level of threat, mainly by the disappearance of natural habitats or climate change. In evaluating the threat to species survival, the IUCN indicate that the coverage of the pteridophyta is insufficient, and the lack of information concerning the conservation status of Pteridophytes has been highlighted. Protection measures are demanded and developed for most of them to counteract the drastic reduction of genetic diversity of natural populations. In this review, in situ, ex situ and quasi in situ conservation techniques applied during the last decade are surveyed and future research needs identified.
    The different types of conservation are not exclusive but complementary. Fern research requires higher commitment, mainly to increase knowledge of actual biodiversity, species richness and the occurrence of threatened species, soil spore banks, reproductive biology and population dynamics, threat identification and conservation management priorities and procedures. Open access to knowledge will enhance the conservation and rational utilization of ferns.

A short biography of Ana M. Ibars and Elena Estrelles pg(s) 87-88


Ctenopterella gabonensis a new species of grammitid fern (Polypodiaceae) from Gabon, Africa
B. S. Parris pg(s) 89-93
A new species of grammitid fern, Ctenopterella gabonensis (Polypodiaceae), is described from Gabon. The only grammitid ferns previously reported from Gabon are Cochlidium serrulatum (Sw.) L.E.Bishop (syn. Xiphopteris serrulata (Sw.) Kaulf.) and Zygophlebia villosissima (Hook.) L.E.Bishop (syn. Ctenopteris villosissima (Hook.) W.J.Harley).


Les Fougères d’Alsace, d’Europe et du Monde. Actes du Colloque en hommage à Claude Jérôme (1937-2008)
P. Ripley pg(s) 94-95
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