Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts may be submitted, and books etc. sent for review, to:
Prof. M. Gibby, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, UK
Telephone: 0131-248-2973 E-mail:

PAPERS should not usually exceed 20 printed pages and are generally expected to be considerably shorter. As well as reports of original research, review articles and short notes, e.g. new records, are encouraged. The senior author should supply an email address to facilitate correspondence.

REVIEWS should cover recent developments in any aspect of research on ferns and lycopods. This can include unpublished research by the author, and/or the possible direction of future research. They should be aimed at the general reader who may not be an expert in the chosen topic. Proposals for a review should be discussed first with the review editors.

MANUSCRIPTS should be submitted in English (British) in microsoft WORD format in 10-point Times New Roman font and double spaced, and sent as email attachments or CDroms. All manuscripts will be refereed.

THE TITLE should reflect the content of the paper and be in BOLD CAPITALS (11-point) and centrally aligned. Generic and specific names should be in italics and any title containing a generic or specific name should be followed by the family name in brackets e.g.



AUTHOR ABBREVIATIONS should follow Pichi Sermolli’s (1996) Authors of scientific names in Pteridophyta, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

MAIN HEADINGS: should be in BOLD CAPITALS (10-point) and centrally aligned.

SUBSIDIARY HEADINGS: should be in bold, the first letter of each word in capitals, the rest in lower case and left-aligned.

AUTHORS’ NAMES AND FULL ADDRESSES (including email address): follow the title and are centrally aligned.

KEY WORDS: up to ten.

ABSTRACT: should reflect the content of the paper.

FIGURES: there is no distinction between photographs and line drawings in numbering. All should be presented in a form ready for reproduction, monochrome, TIF format and 300 dpi (please contact editor with queries), with a scale bar where appropriate. Lettering or numbers (Arabic) should be in the bottom left using uppercase Times Roman. Figure captions should be on a separate sheet.

TABLES: can be printed in either portrait or landscape format. Authors should consider this when preparing tables. Authors should ensure that tables fit the printed page size in a legible form.

PAGESIZE: The Gazette has a useable page size of 123 x 204 mm. This can be used in portrait or landscape mode but any supplied artwork should not be larger than this.

MEASUREMENTS: follow the metric system.

CHECKLISTS: follow the format of Baksh-Comeau, Fern Gaz. 16(1, 2): 11- 122.

REFERENCES: follow the style of a recent issue of The Fern Gazette, e.g.:-
HOOKER, W.J. 1864. Species Filicum, 5. Dulau & Co., London.
MORTON, C.V. 1947. The American species of Hymenophyllum, section Sphaeroconium. Contr. U.S.     Natl. Herb. 29(3): 139-201.
STEVENSON, D.W. & LOCONTE, H. 1996. Ordinal and familial relationships of pteridophyte genera.     In: CAMUS, J.M., GIBBY, M. & JOHNS, R.J. (Eds) Pteridology in perspective, pp. 435-467. Royal     Botanic Gardens, Kew.

JOURNAL ABBREVIATIONS: should follow Botanico Periodicum Huntianum & Supplements.

Alterations from the original text at proof stage will be charged for unless they are minor points of detail. A pdf will be provided free to the senior author.

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