The Fern Gazette Volume 19 Part 1

Published 8th March 2012

Edited by M. Gibby & A. Leonard


Two new species of Hypolepis (Dennstaedtiaceae: Pteridophyta) from Mount Roraima region (N South America) and a revised key for the Guianan species
P.B. Schwartsburd, M. Boudrie & G. Cremers pg(s) 1-9
Two new endemic species of Hypolepis are described from the Mount Roraima region, in northern South America: Hypolepis trinationalis and Hypolepis krameri. Also, the list of species occurring in the three Guianas is updated, with a revised key.
Ferns and lycophytes of Celaque National Park, Honduras
K. Piątek, P. Naks, W. Heise, M. Wayda, O. Reyes Calderon & G. Sandoval pg(s) 11-23
A recent survey of the montane cloud forests of Celaque has added 20 new additions to the fern flora of Celaque National Park, Honduras. A list of all the ferns and lycophytes recorded for the park is provided.

Pteris reptans (Pteridaceae) – A new record for India
V.K. Sreenivas & P.V. Madhusoodanan pg(s) 25-29
Pteris reptans T.G.Walker has been collected from the southern part of the Western Ghats as a new record for India. It is described and illustrated.


Ferns of Southern Africa. A comprehensive guide
N.R. Crouch, R.R Klopper, J.E. Burrows & S.M Burrows pg(s) 30-31
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