The Fern Gazette Volume 21 Part 7

Published 30th March 2022
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Edited by M. Gibby & A. Leonard


An annotated checklist of lycophytes and ferns of the Solomon Islands
C.-W. Chen, L. Perrie, D. Glenny, W.-L. Chiou, S. Fawcett, A. R. Smith, B. S. Parris, A. Ebihara, D. Ohlsen, S. Lehtonen, S.-Y. Dong, M. Lehnert, A. R. Field, Y.-S. Chao, A. G. Murdock & M. Sundue pg(s) 292-417
We provide an annotated checklist of all known lycophytes and ferns in the Solomon Islands following an updated classification. It comprises two classes, 12 orders, 34 families, 122 genera, 449 species, and six infraspecific taxa, including 10 new species described here and 18 species newly recorded for the country. In addition, we make six new nomenclatural combinations as well as 53 lectotypifications. We include a discussion of type status, taxonomic uncertainty, and recent molecular phylogenetic research when relevant. The life forms and phytogeographic affinities of all species are presented and briefly discussed.
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