The Fern Gazette Volume 22 Part 1

Published 30th March 2023

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Edited by M. Gibby & A. Leonard


Taxonomic synopsis of the genera Doryopteris and Lytoneuron (Pteridaceae)
Sinopse taxonômica dos gêneros Doryopteris e Lytoneuron (Pteridaceae)
J.C. Yesilyurt pg(s) 1-34
The synopsis presented here updates the taxonomy of Doryopteris and Lytoneuron based on critical and detailed morphological and phylogenetic studies. It presents 28 taxa of Doryopteris including a new subspecies, Doryopteris sagittifolia subsp. grandifolia, here described and 16 species of Lytoneuron. Following the taxonomic treatment for each genus, two lists are presented, one with species placed under Incertae Sedis (four taxa) and the other with excluded species (eight taxa). The synopsis includes diagnostic keys, main synonyms, new combinations, nomenclatural types (including a new lectotype) and distributions for each taxon, with brief notes where appropriate.
O objetivo da presente sinopse é atualização taxonomica dos gêneros Doryopteris e Lytoneuron, os quais foram baseados em estudos morfologicos e filogeneticos. Foram identificados 28 taxa para Doryopteris includindo uma nova subespécie, Doryopteris sagittifolia subsp. grandifolia, aqui descrita, e 16 espécies para Lytoneuron. São apresentadas ao final do trabalho duas listas, uma de especies incluidas em Incertae Sedis (com quatro taxa) e outra de táxons excluídos (oito). Esta sinopse inclui sinônimos, novas combinações, typos nomenclaturais (incluindo um novo lectotipo) e distribuição para cada espécie dos dois gêneros, além de chaves de identificação e relevantes comentarios.

Dryopteris ×sarvelae (Dryopteridaceae): a new taxon for the flora of Poland
D. Tlałka pg(s) 35-43
Within Poland the largest Pteridophyte genus is Dryopteris. So far, 19 taxa, including 11 species, have been recorded. In 2022, during research conducted in the Podgórze Wilamowickie district, a new hybrid taxon was discovered for the flora of Poland, D. ×sarvelae (D. carthusiana × D. expansa). It was found at a site between Witkowice and Nidek, in a transitional area between an alder riparian forest and an oak-fir-pine forest, in a zone of springs with water containing iron compounds. This stand has about 200 individuals and is amongst the largest populations of this taxon so far recorded.

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