Questionnaire BPS General Form

This questionnaire aims to collect data for my dissertation on the cultivation of drought-tolerant Cheilanthes (lip ferns) and Pellaea (cliffbrakes). It comprises two parts, a general questionnaire (this one) and a species-specific one. Please complete the general questionnaire only once and species-specific questionnaire for each of the species you have been growing.
Thank you for your help – I really appreciate it.

Luigi Leoni
School of Horticulture, RBG Kew
The Herbarium, Kew Green
Richmond, Surrey

None of these fields are mandatory
Recent Cheilanthes name changes

About the fern grower
About your garden
What species are you growing or did you grow in the last 2 years?
Red items indicate the old name
Examples: companion planting presence of trees nearby wall against which the plant is grown propagation method of your plants etc.
Format: Species 1 – Cause of death 1.1, Cause of death 1.2, etc. Species 2 – Cause of death 2.1, Cause of death 2.2, etc.
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