Ruth Wheeler

Ruth is a wood sculptor and artist, she has a passion for ferns and it has been a reoccurring theme and form in Ruth’s work over twenty five years, always returning to the frond in all it’s forms
Ruth carves and burns ferns into wood to make wood art panels, sculptures and benches. She would love to share with you some of her recent works where they inspire her work rather than being an exact copy
Ruth has many varieties in her garden that she draws her inspiration from and in the spring she is touched by the new growth and it inspires her to draw them
She would like to reach out to other fern lovers to share her work but also find names of her ferns that she has had for years and also grow more varieties and give a home to any spare ones
She lives near Godalming in a Woodland setting near Godalming, Surrey and visits St Ives, Cornwall a few times a year

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