Sick or sport.

Cyrtomium-falcatum-distorted-2-1.jpg Cyrtomium-falcatum-distorted-0.jpg

I have two self-sown Cyrtomium fortunei, 4-5 years old that appeared on my tufa rockery. Since being relocated 2 years ago to an established shady raised bed that is filled with enriched (multi-purpose compost) London soil they have produced sparsely bladed fronds with contorted pinnae.
Is this disease or am I growing up a rather ugly cultivar?

If disease, can it be treated, or would euthanasia be a better solution? If it’s a cultivar, does it have a name?

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2 thoughts on “Sick or sport.”

  1. It’s not a recognised cultivar or ugly sport. I’ve seen it happen in my own ferns, and not just in Cyrtomium. I don’t know what causes it to happen but it seems to be when the watering is erratic early in the year. One Cyrtomium, affected last year, has produced new fronds recently which look fine. So, I would wait and see, if it doesn’t offend your eye too much.

  2. Euthanasia, in my opinion. Surely you can find somethng more choice to plant there? I recall a very prominent BPS member once describing Cyrtomium fortunei as the ugliest fern ever (though I think that title should go to Dryopteris filix-mas Linearis). Put them out of their misery!

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