Mystery Fern Creeping Well

 I had to share my joy at finding what I thought was the Sphenomeris chinensis  that I put in the Harlow Carr woodland creeping rather well that were given to me to trial!  However it has come to my attention that it may be something else all together, so now I have a bit of a mystery at the moment. It has been identified as Araiostegia perdurans, so some closer investigation will have to take place. This is great in one way because it’s a whole other new fern for me! I put them in as an experiment very close to some logs to see if they would creep over them, and they have! They also survived one winter, fingers crossed they survive another one. They add a great lacey texture to the surrounding plants as well.

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6 thoughts on “Mystery Fern Creeping Well”

    1. I would love to share one with you!Reading now that it may be Araiostegia I wonder if it wouldn’t want me to divide it but I would really like to try!

  1. I would seriously doubt that Sphenomeris (now Odontosoria) chinensis grows outside over winter anywhere in the UK. It is a tropical fern with a thin rhizome and much lighter, flimsier fronds than Araiostegia perdurans, which is often sold labelled as S. chinensis. I have only ever seen it grow on banks and not on the flat ground

    Odontosoria chinensis

    1. Thank you Peter, looks like I have something lovely that was given to me as Sphenomeris, It would be good to see the real thing in person. What I do have I hope continues to grow well through another winter and summer dry times!

  2. Sphenomeris chinensis (synonym of Odontosoria chinensis subsp. chinensis) – see:

    Araiostegia perdurans (homotypic synonym of Davallia perdurans) – see:

    Your pictures are not that detailed but clearly show a fern with a creeping rhizome
    Sphenomeris chinensis does not have this but Araiostegia perdurans (which is part of the Davallia group) does

    This seems to be quite a widespread misinformation about this fern, even here:

  3. Thank you Andrew for all the information, I hope I can see both in person at some point. Hopefully this is the Araiostegia , but I have not seen one in person before. I’m hoping they make it through another season!

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