4 thoughts on “Unidentified Fern Brockadale Nature Reserve”

  1. This is Cyrtomium fortunei. It is native to Japan, Korea and China. You can look here for its distribution in the UK, according to the BSBI. They do not have a record for it at Brockadale Nature Reserve. It is what we would call a “Garden Escape”. I have seen C. falcatum quite often in the South of England but never C. fortunei. An interesting find.

  2. Thank you for resolving that identification question. The information has been forwarded to the plant recorders for the Brockadale Nature Reserve.

  3. Given the breadth of the pinnae and the fact that they have a slight “ear” to the base I think this is C. fortunei subsp. clivicola , which some would regard as a species – C. clivicola in its own right. It is now the most widely sold member of its genus and the most frequently naturalised. The genus is rather problematic to correctly identify!

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