Unifentifed Fern Marshfield, Wilsthire

Ringswell-Unidentified-Fern-base-NdeB-Sept-2021-100_4898-pixels-reduced-2.jpg Ringswell-Unidentified-FernNdeB-Sept-2021-100-4897-pixels-reduced-1.jpg Ringswell-Unidentified-Fern-Sept-2021-NdeB-100_4896-pixelsreduced-0.jpg

Hi – could you identify the fern shown in the three attached images. I saw it yesterday, growing amongst Hart’s Tongues and light bramble in a shaded area of a young woodland (mostly Hawthorn) on sloping ground in fairly deep (450mm at least), moist (not wet) soil – Fuller’s Earth type geology with limestone underlying. The Fern was about 250 – 300mm tall. The area is not readily accessible to the public.


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One thought on “Unifentifed Fern Marshfield, Wilsthire”

  1. This is Cyrtomium fortunei
    This is not native but often sold as a house plant or garden plant
    It is not unknown for it to spore itself all over England
    If you found it in Marshfield, Wiltshire, then that appears to be a new record for it in England

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