Unknown fern from Taiwan

old-frond-2.jpg new-frond-0.jpg new-frond-detail-1.jpg

Here are 3 images of a fern from Taiwan that has survived for about 5 years in my shadehouse on the allotment in Portsmouth
The old fronds look quite a bit different from the young fronds, the rachis is very scaly.
I do not hink it has ever produced spores

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6 thoughts on “Unknown fern from Taiwan”

  1. I’m only just seeing the question. Dear Andrew, Peter is right. It is indeed Ctenitis subglandulosa. The appressed scales on the stipe and rachis are distinctive. We have had this plant in our garden in Germany for many years. So it should be well winterhardy in the UK. See also our article in Pteridologist 2022, page 217.

    1. Thank you – I have added the link to your article, you will still need to enter the password to access it.

      I live in a very mild part of the UK but my plant dies away totally in the winter so it is a surprise if/when it returns each year

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