What’s this pest.


A pest, rather than fern identification. Tiny black mites are flourishing on the fronds of a fern wall I created earlier this year. Asplenium scolopendriums are the most heavily affected but they are also present on Pteris species. The leaves feel weak and a bit dried out. The bugs look smaller and legless compared to a black aphid.
Need I worry or will they disappear with the colder temperatures. The wall is pretty sheltered and next to the house so may never get frosted.
What’s the best treatment, if needed.

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One thought on “What’s this pest.”

  1. It is black aphid
    Best cure without hurting the ferns is to use Pyrethrum Powder .The Pye version i have found to be the best as it has a higher proportion of Pyrethrum than most and just puff it on the ferns when the foliage is dry and it will clear it almost within 24 hours .
    I find stressed ferns get this and it implies that things could have got dry

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